Hello, I’m Kesha the lead consultant! Lyfechanges was born out of pain. Since the age of eighteen I encountered the Justice System. On my first offense with no priors the court deemed me a lost cause. Through frustration I enrolled in a Criminal Evidence class at my Junior College. This lead to assisting my Attorney in getting a charge dropped. This, of course did not deter the Prosecution. I continued to pursue my life goals. This one Lyfechange set my life on a series of Rebound Plans for the next 24 years. During this time ,life changed several more times and not for the better until recently. My resourcefulness created viable economic and social Rebounds. My drive lead to building and creating global , diverse ,personal and professional relationships. My goal is prevent further setbacks through well thought out road maps to bounce back! I will achieve this through consistent encouragement and empowerment to anyone seeking a Rebound from life’s setbacks.
Hello, I’m Jalia Dews, the Mindfulness Coach! Jalia Dews-Mindfulness Coach. - creating a clear space in ones minds eye during the game changing process. Jalia is wise beyond her 19 years. At the age of 11 she enters High School with a plan. While in High School she felt she was not being challenged so she enrolled in Middle College. During these years she became a two time published poet through the Hume Writing Center of Stanford University. In the quest for an education she graduated High School as a Sophomore in college. She is currently studying Neuropsychology at Xavier the University of Louisiana.

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