About Lyfe Changes LyfeChangesNow Resource Educator (LRE) LLC is a game changer educational resource company focused on goal specific life plans. We specialize in economic and social life plans for individuals sixteen to mid thirties who have reached a wall or road block while changing up the game plan of life. Learn More
Lyfe Changes Constantly! We totally understand life does not always go as planned. We will assist you to:1) Clarify goals 2)Create an action plan. 3) Link you to positive people, opportunities and organizations that align with you goals. 4)Mentor and Collaborate with you to accomplish your targeted goals. We look forward to helping you Change the Game!
Unemployment? It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we get laid off. Sometimes we lack transportation resulting in us being fired from arriving late. Sometimes the job that we have isn't the best fit. It happens. When it happens, where do we turn to? How do we rebound? Change the Game
Domestic Abuse? Some of us have/are experiencing sexual and mental abuse from a loved one or coworker. You don't know why it's happening, but you fear for your life. You may not have a confidential or safe place to speak about it. You are not alone. Rest assure that we are here to help you rebound! Change the Game
Addiction? Every year millions die from drug addictions. Many lose their homes and families. Many of those who are captured by addiction feel that all is lost. That there is no hope. We pride ourselves on our determination to help others succeed. Are you ready? Change the Game
Incarceration? Ever been incarcerated? Then you know that there are challenges re-entering society after lost time. It can be very confusing when trying to apply a learned lesson with so much adversity from finding felon friendly jobs to reconnecting with loved ones. Let us help you find a meaningful direction. Change the Game
Hunger? There are many people who go hours, days and weeks without food. Many who would give anything to have a hot plate. Everyone deserves a good meal. With the right resources, you wont have to miss another meal. Let us help to end your hunger. Change the Game
Homelessness? Are you homeless? Do you sleep in hotels, on the streets or in a car? There are shelters and homes for you and your family within reach. Life is filled with ups and downs. Sometimes we give up. Sometimes people give up on us. We are committed to help you get back on your feet. We want you to succeed, but you must want is as well. Change the Game
Disability? Are you living with a disability? Our hearts are greatly with you as well. Even the smallest errand could take a lot of work to handle. We are honored to serve those in need. At times, we could all use a hand up. Weare here to help! Change the Game
Financial Empowerment? Budgeting can be a real challenge if you don't know how to properly save money and discipline your spending habits. There are so many deals and discounts that we look over because we simply don't know that they exist. The world is changing economically. Its about time that we do as well. Change the Game
Healthcare? From checkups to physicals and dentistry, healthcare is greatly needed more than ever. Our bodies are temple, so we must maintain them to remain in optimal health. It costs more to be sick than healthy. Let us help get you back on the right track. After all, health is wealth! Change the Game
Death of a loved one? The passing of a loved can will greatly impact our lives. Most of the time they pass unexpectedly. Sometimes we are there when they take their last breath. No matter how they pass on, we are usually left in devastation. Without life insurance, most families are left to fund raise for the final expenses. Let us guide to back your feet. Change the Game

Chance For Change


Jamila P Scott Scholarship was created  as a legacy of  Inspiration. Jamila was born into to circumstances that statistically predisposed  her to fail in life.  In spite of her circumstances she thrived, Jamila inspired and motivated  her peers to persevere through personal and academic hurdles. In her last year of life she traveled to India to help to build a library in a remote village during civil unrest.




Jamila was killed in a car accident two months from graduating high school; at the time of her death, letters of acceptance to several colleges were being delivered and continued to arrive. The Jamila P Scott Scholarship is established at  Menlo Atherton High School.




Mail support to Menlo Atherton High School Alumni Association 2120 Ave Avenue. Box 7849, Menlo Park CA 94025. Checks made payable to  Menlo Atherton High School Alumni Association with Memo/Note reference Jamila P Scott Scholarship.

Contributions are tax deductible.

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